8 Gifts For The New Year

8 Gifts For The New Year

1-Macbook Organizer

The expectation of the new year is to put everything in order, to those who like to be organized, who want to carry everything in a leather cover;


2-Handmade Leather Wallet

For those who want to multiply their earnings this year and feel elegance in their pocket

3-Wooden Wrist Watch

For those who know the value of time and want to choose a star to keep their new year wishes to the person who loves to spend time;

4-Leather Book Cover

For those who love to read, who look meticulously at their books, who promise to read more books this year;

5-Leather Passport Holder

For those who cannot help themselves from planning their trips in the new year, who want to experience the savior of keeping their passports, cash and cards together;

6-Leather Suitcase Tag

For those who want to find their luggage easily even if they lose their luggage during their year-round travels, who want to know their luggage on the conveyor immediately;

7-Leather Bracelet

For those who want to answer their style with the elegance of leather;

8-Leather Notebook Cover

Who likes to keep a year's note, who writes a diary, sketches sketches, wants to wrap their memories;

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