Slow Fashion Movement in Leather Craft

Slow Fashion Movement in Leather Craft

Just as you do not bathe twice in the same river, nothing stays the same, everything changes and transforms. Although the change is sometimes positive, we have lost many values ​​globally due to industrialization and the pace brought about by industrialization. As humanity, we have tended to develop a sustainable stance against this for a while, and the pandemic process caused by Covid-19 has once again reminded how important this stance is.


In 1986, Carlo Petrini's protest against a fast-food chain initiated the Slow-Food movement, whose slogan was "Good-Clean-Fair", and this movement, including many subcultures, started the Slow Movement. The Slow Movement is a social movement that criticizes fast modern life and advocates a cultural change that will transform the speed and modern consumption patterns in different areas of life.

Cittaslow, the philosophy of slow movement, is expressed by the snail. However, this does not mean doing everything at snail speed. On the contrary, it draws attention to the need to perform activities in different areas of life in a more satisfying way and at the right pace. It is an emphasis on living the moment, the value of time.

"One thing is certain that everything is changing. The momentum of change is increasing. If you want to hold on to life, you better hurry. This is the message of today. But everyone should be reminded that our basic needs never change. The need to be seen and appreciated by others. The need for belonging. Intimacy and care, a little bit The need for love. This can only be given by the slowness of human relationships. We have to regain slowness, contemplation and unity to master the changes. At this point we will feel a real renewal. " Prof. Guttorm Fløistad


Slow-Fashion, which emerged as a part of its slow movement, also supports local craftsmen, the use of environmentally friendly materials, and values ​​the producers and consumers by protecting the craft and the environment. It advocates sustainable, environmentally and environmentally friendly, ethical fashion in production. It encourages local, durable and timeless in consumption. In slow fashion, domestic production, that is, domestic labor and the use of local resources is essential. It is against the waste of resources and labor. The manufacturing process is as transparent as possible. Although trends in fashion are temporary and consumption-oriented, products in slow fashion are classics. In other words, it does not belong to a certain time and is long-lived.


Craft is based on skilled labor rather than capital; It means a profession that requires manual skill and mastery as well as learning. Leatherworking, which is a part of slow fashion, is one of the oldest crafts of Turkish culture. This craft, which has existed for thousands of years in our country, where livestock breeding is common, could not maintain its deserved value against industrialization. However, the recent increase in leather workmanship, the increase in the value of manual labor, efforts to protect and maintain the culture have started to be reciprocated.

As a material, leather is very durable, organic and sustainable after tanning. In addition, hand workmanship, which is a part of the craft, increases the quality and durability of leather products, making them timeless and unique.


In 2012, we started out as a hobby out of curiosity and started to learn the intricacies of this craft. Afterwards, we expanded our team and established our small business with the brand of Roarcraft, and since 2016, we started to produce in our own workshop with local materials with the slogan of handmade and slow production. Our second home became our second home, where we produce entirely handcrafted by maintaining the fineness of the leather craft without denial of technology. Timeless in style, "adopted" with its quality, original and stylish with its designs; We are after products that represent value, labor, personality and values.

Leather products such as leather wallets and watch straps that we prepare in line with the needs of today's people come to life in the hands of our devoted craftsmen. Each product produced to order is carefully prepared and packaged to the finest detail.

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