Leather Tobacco Pouch and Tobacco Recommendations

Leather Tobacco Pouch and Tobacco Recommendations

Did we mention that our leather tobacco bag model is designed by the wrapping tobacco smoker? Now, let's include the experience and advice of our tiryaki designer about the best tobacco, filter, wrapping paper and tobacco products:

Conscientious note: Cigarettes and other tobacco products harm your health. Although the ritual of smoking cigarettes looks cool, if you do not smoke or smoke, please do not continue with the article. My intention is not to encourage, but to convey information to tobacco users from my own window.

In my beautiful country, due to the recent hikes on packs of cigarettes and ugly-looking packages, many people said "I was tired" and started to prefer rolling cigarettes. With the increasing demand, of course, producers and tradesmen did not stand idly by, and there were hikes in tobacco, sheet and filter.


After all, these wrapped tobaccos are as harmful to health as pack cigarettes, nobody should fool themselves. But because it is a tough ritual, you smoke less. Wrapping this wave is a job that takes some skill and patience. If you smoke a pack of cigarettes a day, you will see that the day is over with 5 rolls of tobacco. Let me tell you why it is loved: you get such a charisma when you snatch up the tobacco case and skillfully wrap your cigarette like a cowboy! Anyway, no temptation. (Let the non-drinker come out)

You can view the Roarcraft leather accessories collection here.


Imported tobacco brands such as Drum, Golden Virginia, George Karelias, Old Holborn, which are known as the best tobacco, are in a difficult market. Fortunately, there are also legally sourced local tobacco.

The open sale is fine cut original Adıyaman tobacco, but the color should not be too light or dark. A tastier result is obtained if this tobacco is blended with red wine. The amount of wine is now according to trial and error and taste. (Don't be fooled)

If you say no, I can't deal, the packaged tobaccos that I am writing are more standard and high quality.

Drum: It is not flavored, but rather full tobacco. For a start, I say don't try it, you drink it after the palate is sitting. It smells bad when it dries, it is necessary to maintain the humidity. Since it is thick cut tobacco, it is also troublesome to wrap it. Watch out for a lot of fake. There should be relief in the bandroll.

Golden Virginia: This tobacco is wrapped by hand, not by machine. It is pleasant to me, its fragrance is good. I just pass the aroma of the yellow package.

George Karelias And Sons: A Greek tobacco brand that is light to drink. It is very popular and therefore counterfeit is very common in the market. Find them in 25gr packages and stock them. Finish without drying the tobacco.

Instark: It has a beautiful red package. Good price / performance. It also has a TAPDK label on it.


Ocb dark blue package and Rızla light blue package. These two tobacco papers are also ideal for starting. Why start? Because it's easy to wrap because it's sticky. But does this spoil the taste of the sticky cigarette, yes. Is there a lot of difference, not at first. You won't be a candidate for Arabic paper, you try to lick it and stick it like a cowboy. The preference of smokers is Arab (chador). If you say I am patient, you are welcome.


Ocb Slim is suitable for a filter. There is no need for Egyptian ultra slimi, sir, menthol or something. It is a quality and master filter. There is a more affordable price, but the quality of the drink is more important.


Leather covers to hold the filter, paper, lighter, tobacco pack together information. Since there is some moisture inside the skin, it protects the tobacco. (I'm talking real leather, no artificial leather or cloth plastic tobacco pouch) I have been using this leather tobacco case for Roarcraft for a long time. When folded, the inner folds create a barrier to prevent the tobacco filter from spilling. You don't want your supplies drool, do you? The buttoned minimalist structure of the tobacco bag has also become an indicator of classic Roarcraft elegance.


The rolling tobacco work (let's put everything aside) is actually a ritual in itself. In order to become a master at wrapping, you need to experiment a lot. If we are drinking then let's play the game. Let the people watch us while we spread the tobacco bowl on the table outside. Let the unique smell of leather mix with the smell of tobacco.


For those who can not give up pack cigarettes: Leather Cigarette Cell Phone

The aesthetic design of this cigarette box, which is ideal to hide the disgusting images in cigarette packs, has a very high quality air.

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