5 Exclusive Gift Sets Complementing Each Other

5 Exclusive Gift Sets Complementing Each Other

Just like two loving souls complement each other, we have such products that it is almost impossible to think separately from each other. We have chosen these gift sets for you.

Notepad & Pen

Set of 2 (Arinna Notebook Case & Brass Pen)

Taking notes is indispensable for some. Carrying a notebook for each of them is essential for different reasons. Whatever your reason is, your notebook is your memory and your memory. A cover to protect them will be your brass pen savior that will allow you to easily write on the pages in gel ink.

Memory Carrier Set

Set of 3 (Nemrut Passport Wallet, Arinna Notepad Case & Brass Pen)

Speaking of the notebook being a memory, one of the times we want to remember is our travels. So don't just take your travel wallet with you. Let a notebook and a pen travel with you as the carrier of your memories that you can easily take wherever you go.

Travel Wallet & Luggage Tag

Set of 2 (Zeugma Travel Wallet & Suitcase Tag)

In addition to all the beauty of traveling, there are stressful aspects to it. We may be strangers to the places we go to, so we want to keep passports, money and cards together. To prevent the luggage from being lost, a small detail like a tag can be a life saver.

Orion & Lepus for Couples

Set of 2 (Orion and Lepus Wooden Wristwatch)

Every moment spent with him is special and beautiful. The watches that are indicators of these moments should be as special as those moments. Discover Orion and Lepus now, named after the stars and the material from nature.

Couple Phone Wallet

Set of 2 (Tripolis Telephony Wallet)

Telephone and cash / credit cards are now an indispensable part of our lives. The Tripolis phone wallet keeps both your cards, your cash and your phone together as your love keeps you together. As you live this life together, you should live this ease together.

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